We are delighted to be partnered with David Livingstone 200 and are currently working on an exciting production of the story of David Livingstone from the perspective of his African friends. We hope this production will inspire, excite, entertain and generate excitement about the life and times of David Livingstone and provide an insight into the culture of the time. Please see below for further information and do get in touch with any queries.

Thank you!

Click here for printable pdf version: DLSchoolInfoSht






3 thoughts on “LIVINGSTONE

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  3. I’m just an average playgoer, but I have been playgoing for a lot of years. I was bowled over by this production – a hidden gem in this year’s Fringe!

    I’m telling everyone I can to get a ticket and I plan to see it again – if I can do that, it will be a Fringe first in 40+ years for me.

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